About business M & A and overseas consultation
We will work with any offer.
We will deal with both domestic and foreign companies.
We have always been working on new activities since 1986.



Company Profile

Founded: September, 1976, established in August, 1986
Company Profile
2025 50th anniversary, 40th anniversary

Foreign Investment Company Advisor
Cooperation Overseas: Business Consulting Firm &  M & A Advisory firm (including other business alliances):
21 businesses in 8 countries
Officers and others
M. Kaneko(Japan)| K. Nakamura(Japan)| F. Henry (Shanghai)| A. Tamaki (USA PWM)|F. Kay (GVA)| G. Josh (IND)| 

UN NGO (Non-Profit General Incorporated Association) International Career Support Association and Japan Natural Medicine  Society

Japan Consultancy Corp.

Representative Director and Chairman

Member of the United Nations Agenda 2030 Project PCP team. CONGOJACE Officer, Church Center, United Nations Headquarters

MBA Master of Business Administration (USA), Doctor of Science (US), Doctor of Natural Medicine (Canada), Ph, Doctor of Alternative Medicine (India), Master of Bioscience (USA),  WONM Asia University Professor Volunteer Professor (China, Taiwan, Professor of Malaysia, Singapore, Japan School and President) University Of People Former volunteer part-time lecturer, medical university, nursing college part-time lecturer. Former clinical laboratory technician and clinical engineer. Management and human resource development consulting company Previous position and current position.
Researcher specialized in overseas media such as natural medicine

After the successful isolation of a new type of microorganism at a university hospital in the Showa era, he was involved in private emergency medicine and was involved in the spread of hospital start-ups (3 cases), hospital M&A, drug discovery clinical trials, and transplantation medicine. About Japan in the 21st Century: Internationalization, personnel mobility, and medical diversification. Therefore, we have accumulated knowledge and experience from the bottom (including human resource development).

M & A: Including Real Estate M & A
M & A: Including Real Estate M & A
Hospital medical relations, manufacturing and processing industry, service industry etc.
・Hospitals M & A
・Nursing homes M & A
・Business M & A
・Real estate M & A
・Human skills M & A
Health and beauty

Medical Spa construction support

Foreign Investment Company Advisor

Development and partnership of beauty and health products

Overseas Business Alliance / Business Development
Overseas Expansion / M & A Project
We support people, goods, and money as a company management when expanding overseas. We have established cooperative relationships with local leaders who can receive administrative services.
We have established links and partnerships with law firms, investment banking firms, certified public accountants, corporate M & A advisory organizations, training schools and companies. We support establishment, such as the Japan Business Chamber of Commerce, law, administration, employment, engineer training, accounting, and finance.